Another Pair of Shoes

By Emmanuel Yussuf

We wear an old and a new pair of shoes, walking in the past and the future generation. The world, mysterious as it has been, expects more from us and little have we to offer. 

Inspirations from Uncle Sam, Steve Biko, Peter the Great, Fernando Torrez, all through the scope of young George Weah, showcase the roughness of the expectations ahead of us by our god Tom Hanks, expressed by his undersecretary the Duchess of Marlborough, Gladys Spencer-Churchill.

The teams are but a reflection of energies built and sawn by unity within diversity of cultures and backgrounds.  Colors match not, brushes wipe white not, as black and white mix with ratios unknown to man. The end justifies the means; the way determines the end; the bonds determine the way; the beginning determines the bonds. 

As time progresses and goals are expected, challenges must be handled while differences fondled; rumors and whining muffled while achievements bundled; for an end that justifies the means through mentors, and openness to learning without bias, for a newer pair of shoes.

Emmanuel Yussuf is a current fellow at the UoN Innovation Fellowship 2019/2020 cohort.

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