By Rodgers Otom Have you heard of the industrial revolution? What about the current education system? Until today, I never thought there was any connection between the two. However, it seems the twain have been in a relationship affair. It didn’t require a miracle for me to discover the link. A courtesy call on one wise man, Dr. Tonny Omwansa, director of C4DLab was all it took to ascertain this. Dr. Omwansa is a public
By Emmanuel Yussuf We wear an old and a new pair of shoes, walking in the past and the future generation. The world, mysterious as it has been, expects more from us and little have we to offer.  Inspirations from Uncle Sam, Steve Biko, Peter the Great, Fernando Torrez, all through the scope of young George Weah, showcase the roughness of the expectations ahead of us by our god Tom Hanks, expressed by his undersecretary the
A Claire Kanja Review “…the Design thinking process has in fact made me learn how to tackle real life challenges in a systematic manner…” My experience with the Problem based learning program with the C4D Lab has been amazing. When I first joined, I thought I was not attending the right program. However, during the introduction week, I was proven wrong and I am more than glad that I was. The classes of the program
Kundi la wanafunzi kutoka chuo kikuu cha Aalto kinachopatikana nchini Ufini, wataizuru maabara ya technolojia ya C4DLab inayopatikana katika bewa la Sayansi Asilia na Viumbe, Ndaki ya Nairobi. Wanafunzi hao sita ni miongoni mwa wanafunzi wengine ishirini wanaoendeleza masomo yao kwa mpango wa uvumbuzi katika maabara hiyo na watapata nafasi kujiunga na wenzao katika semina ya siku mbili. Baadaye, wavumbuzi hao, ambao ni jumla ya watu ishirini na sita wataelekea nyanjani ili kukusanya data kuhusiana
By Sonia Barasa The Innovation Fellowship program with the C4DLAB is an absolutely amazing opportunity to learn so many exciting lessons at once. The experience so far has been both magnificent and mind blowing, getting to learn so many insightful things about myself, especially my personality, becoming more aware of the person I am, while learning to express myself more boldly and clearly without fear. It’s a platform that for me has come in handy
The curtains are soon being drawn on the Making Innovators November/December Design Thinking edition, currently being held at the University of Nairobi’s, C4DLab. The two weeks double bootcamp today attained its peak. The kids have been empathizing, defining and ideating for quite some time. Today, it was time for the hands to get dirty, their cerebrum had to be tasked and products had to be produced. Having had two groups in the first week of
Hailing from an affluent society, a society where teens are pampered like infants, a group of young innovators currently undergoing a Design Thinking course at the University of Nairobi’s C4DLab, today got a chance to visit Kenyan rookery, Kibera. The name Kibera always surfaces in the news headlines for all the bad reasons; Electoral bedlam, Insecurity, poor sanitation, shanty housing, just to mention a few predicament the residents of this Nairobi’s overcrowded slum have to
Young Innovators currently undertaking Design Thinking escapade at the University of Nairobi’s technology hub, C4DLab were today immersed into in-depth ideation on their Nov/Dec challenge. The kids who boast of an opportunity and platform to showcase their innovative ideas, to solve some of the challenges facing the African continent, came up with different ideas on their current challenge – Water Purification. Guided by their various mentors, the kids hatched up interesting thoughts on the water
November/December Design Thinking cohort, today interacted with a Physics Professor from the University of Nairobi’s Physics department, to help them understand the science behind Water Purification.  The session dubbed “The Physics of Water Purification” and facilitated by Prof. Peter Oketch was aimed at equipping the kids with concrete and valuable information on water, water contamination and its purification. Oketch highlighted ways through which water can be polluted, sources of water, educated the kids on the
Two kids currently participating in the Nov/Dec Making Innovators Kids Edition declined to accompany their fellows on a trip to Nairobi River, citing fear and scary stories about the river. The two are part of a team of innovative kids working round the clock to come up with an innovative way of purifying water. Drama began after the kids watched a documentary aired by Kenya’s media station, NTV about the state of Nairobi River. The

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