By Oduge Glen Agak The scene is set in 2019, it was late in the night, and I had just finished one of the increasingly many assignments that came with being a final year, Computer Science student at the University of Nairobi. This new stage in life however, came with the pressure to figure out the direction I wanted to take in life. Most of my classmates were already employed and were working on big
The 2020 Global Startup Ecosystem Report has ranked Nairobi, Cairo, Cape Town and Lagos among the top 100 Emerging Ecosystems in the world. The report released on the 25th of June, 2020 saw the four cities as the only African cities that beat the cut to make it to the list. Cairo was the highest ranked at position (51) followed by Cape Town (59), Lagos (62) as Nairobi closed the list at position (66). The
“…the fun learning sessions have been quite engaging and interactive. They have simply been practical as opposed to the monotonous theory day to day campus lectures.”Claire Kanja Problem Based Learning (PBL) program run by the C4DLab has been an absolutely amazing opportunity to get to learn so many exiting things all at one. The experience so far has been mind blowing, getting to learn so many insightful things about myself, especially my personality, becoming more
The Africa Mobility Initiative through its accelerator program, Africa Transformative Mobility Accelerator (ATMA) is calling startups in the mobility industry to apply to join the accelerator’s 2020 cohort. The open application is LIVE on and will run till 31st March 2020. The Africa Mobility Initiative (AMI) is supported by Shell Foundation a UK charity, and the Transformative Urban Mobility Initiative (TUMI) and is looking for startups with operations in either Kenya or Uganda. Startups
What attracted me most to this program was the unique approach in solving real world problems by applying both user centered design approaches and human centered design thinking methodologies. Being a student, I was a bit skeptical at first, as most of the other PBL innovation fellows are working class citizens in different respectable fields. However, with time I have come to realize that this is more of an advantage to me. Catherine Waigwe during
Nairobi has so far been the epitome of traffic menace. It is a niche that this city in the sun has coined for itself and unapologetically gripped firmly. The inhabitants have adopted this way of life, so has the government which has developed an ingrain habit of expanding the road network to encourage more cars into the already congested space. The ‘highly adored’ city matatus are a force to reckon with in this East Africa’s
Testimonies have been given of how the Kenyan startup ecosystem is filled up with ‘Compepreneurs’ – (people who pretend to be entrepreneurs but instead are seasoned competitors jumping from one pitch fest to another just to get prize money awards!) The ecosystem now reads from the same page and it has dawned to many that it’s time to get rid of this culture and focus on scaling startups. So, how can we achieve this? That’s
By Rodgers Otom Have you heard of the industrial revolution? What about the current education system? Until today, I never thought there was any connection between the two. However, it seems the twain have been in a relationship affair. It didn’t require a miracle for me to discover the link. A courtesy call on one wise man, Dr. Tonny Omwansa, director of C4DLab was all it took to ascertain this. Dr. Omwansa is a public
By Emmanuel Yussuf We wear an old and a new pair of shoes, walking in the past and the future generation. The world, mysterious as it has been, expects more from us and little have we to offer.  Inspirations from Uncle Sam, Steve Biko, Peter the Great, Fernando Torrez, all through the scope of young George Weah, showcase the roughness of the expectations ahead of us by our god Tom Hanks, expressed by his undersecretary the
A Claire Kanja Review “…the Design thinking process has in fact made me learn how to tackle real life challenges in a systematic manner…” My experience with the Problem based learning program with the C4D Lab has been amazing. When I first joined, I thought I was not attending the right program. However, during the introduction week, I was proven wrong and I am more than glad that I was. The classes of the program

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