The University of Nairobi Innovation Fellows together with Aalto University students earlier today held a co-creation workshop attended by external healthcare stakeholders at C4D Lab. Uon Innovation Fellows during a Co-creation workshop at C4D Lab This is after holding a successful field research in Malindi where they got to interview health officers, traditional birth attendants, government officials and mothers to get information that will help them in prototyping an improved fetoscope. Part of the invites present were midwives,
Lets connect from where we left from the first article of the Malindi Lessons. We’re in day 2 of the Fetoscope Team’s field study and we got new experiences and lessons for you. Enjoy the ride! Interview with traditional birth attendants The team starts the day by interviewing the traditional birth attendants. All they want to know is the experience of the birth attendants in helping mothers deliver children the traditional way. The ‘Fetoscope Team’ interviewing
The University of Nairobi Innovation Fellows together with students from Aalto University ,Finland today made their first visit to stakeholders in the health sector in Malindi. We got the entire experience and lessons for you. Visit to Venoma Private Clinic The ‘Fetoscope Team’ at Venoma Private Clinic during their Field study. The team interviewed a clinician at Venoma Private Clinic. The setting was a small clinic with several staff and few patients. The temperatures are high, humid
The University of Nairobi Innovation Fellowship team working on improving the Fetoscope makes a visit to Malindi to pursue on ground information that will help them in improving the Fetoscope. The fellows in collaboration with students from Aalto University, in Finland  are seeking to get first hand information from stakeholders such as the traditional midwives and nurses on the functionality of the current Fetoscope and develop a base for improving it. The Aalto students are
Want to build the best solution in the market? The solution is not in your office, it’s out there in the streets. So go interview your customer segment, ask them questions, and take those lessons! Did you know there are 150 million startups in the world today? That’s not it all either, 50 million new startups launch every year!  On average, there are 137,000 startups emerging every day. Nice numbers, right? But how many startups
TUMI Startup Accelerator has announced a team of advisors to the mobility accelerator based at C4D Lab. The team of 8 including the Director of C4D Lab, Dr. Tonny Omwansa will give its expertise advice to the accelerator and the startups. The team comprises of well experienced experts ranging from mobility industry, innovators, sustainable infrastructure technology experts and policy developers. MEET THE TUMI STARTUP ACCELERATOR ADVISERS. DANIEL ERNESTO MOSER Daniel Ernesto Moser is the Management Head
Although sustainable transport is not represented by a standalone SDG in the 2030 Agenda, it is mainstreamed in a direct or indirect manner into many of the proposed SDGs, especially those related to food security, health, energy, infrastructure, cities and human settlements, and climate change. Here is why transformative and sustainable urban mobility is essential to achieving most if not all Sustainable Development Goals! (SDGs)     Transport Relevant SDG Targets. (Courtesy SloCaT)    
Speaking during the TUMI Startup Accelerator pre- acceleration diagnostic assessment workshop, Robert Yawe alias ‘Coach Yawe’  who is a business mentor warned startups of getting into deals with investors. Robert Yawe speaking to Startups at C4D Lab “Startup founders should learn to say ‘No’ to investors at times otherwise you may end up being employees in your own businesses,” Said Yawe. He urged the founders and owners of the startups to always consult a legal officer
Well well well! The University of Nairobi Innovation Fellowship is on the move and we already have teams formed. One of the teams will be handling a Universal Healthcare issue, one of Kenya’s BIG 4 AGENDA and they will be developing a pinard Fetoscope which would help in their prototyping of an enhanced Fetoscope. Here are the brains behind the Innovative Fetoscope. David Githaiga David is a Biologist by profession with a BSc in Biological Sciences from the
The Nairobi Innovation Week 2019 Last year was pretty an eventful one. Once again, C4D Lab through the University of Nairobi hosted the 4th edition of the Nairobi Innovation Week in March. Folks, this was one of a kind. The event saw over 2,000 delegates come together to promote innovation. 50 plus international speakers also flew into Kenya to grace the event with over 100 local and international exhibitors showcasing their innovations. Who knew someone would walk away