Call for 2021 University of Nairobi Research and Innovation Fellowship now open

The University of Nairobi through its Innovation and Incubation hub, C4DLab and a strategic partner has opened applications for its 2021 Research and Innovation Fellowship.

The 6 month-long prestigious program will give 20 select fellows an opportunity to solve real-life local problems while applying the 21st century 4Cs skills, and explore human-centered design / Design thinking methodologies.

The fellows – together with other curious change makers and a community of research and innovation experts will engage in rewarding research, problem solving and innovation projects in financial services.

Selection Criteria

Given the competitive nature of the Innovation Fellowship program, candidates will be required to meet the following requirements:

  1. Be in the final level undergraduate and Masters-level students (interested PhD students will also be considered)
  2. Be in the following Schools/faculties/departments: Computer Science, Business, Development Studies, Sociology, Psychology, Anthropology, Law, Actuarial Science, Engineering, and Agriculture
  3. Be Curious about research and innovation and particularly application of Design Thinking to solving real-life local problems.
  4. Submit evidence of challenges that one has attempted to solve, CV, practical work portfolio and a motivation why your application should be considered.
  5. Be available to commit close to a 6 month-long program allocating an average of 15 hours per week to the fellowship program.
  6. Demonstrated passion and interest in problem-solving and innovation challenges.

Learning Approach

The select fellows will use design thinking methodologies to undertake a deep immersion into four pillars that shall prepare them as researchers and innovators. The four pillars are:

  1. 21st century 4 C’s skills of Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Creativity.
  2. Principles and practices of Design Thinking, Innovation, and Problem Based Learning (fundamentals)
  3.  Multi-disciplinary practical problem-solving.
  4.  Practical research techniques – data collection, surveys, Focus Group Discussions, observation, and contextual interviews.

Application Process

Applicants will be required to fill a four-part form that will collect personal Information, information on the applicants’ education background, Professional Background, and finally Documents Upload section which includes Curriculum Vitae, work portfolio, Academic recommendation letter and a professional recommendation letter.

The application deadline is slated for 22nd January, 2021 after which evaluation, shortlisting and interviews with successful applicants will follow.

Visit Innovation Fellowship – C4DLab to apply for the program.

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