Who is the number one global champion of Sustainable Urban Mobility? Well you may have your opinion but one thing is very clear, GIZ is literally on the wheel of the sustainable urban mobility agenda. Find out why.

In Kenya’s capital city Nairobi, innovative ideas addressing real life challenges in urban mobility didn’t have a space! GIZ through the Transformative Urban Mobility Initiative (TUMI) luckily came through and intervened. Good news right?

Setting up of the TUMI Startup Accelerator in Nairobi has unlocked new opportunities for the private sector to work with the government, development agencies and the academia. A kind of partnership many people crave for.

The University of Nairobi based startup accelerator focuses on sustainable urban mobility through education, mentorship and financing. It also provides technical support to startups that work towards provision of transformative solutions to urban mobility challenges.

The establishment of the accelerator has seen the different government authorities in the transport sector come together in a bid to create an enabling environment through policy formulation, setting up of infrastructure and upgrading roads.

Through the Kenyan National Government, Auto Truck EA one of the startups admitted into the accelerator will now have the facilities it needed for mass production of its green energy and electric carts. This is a result of a partnership between the company and the National Youth Service (NYS). How better can it get?

Check out why the TUMI Startup Accelerator is thriving.  

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