The curtains are soon being drawn on the Making Innovators November/December Design Thinking edition, currently being held at the University of Nairobi’s, C4DLab.

The two weeks double bootcamp today attained its peak. The kids have been empathizing, defining and ideating for quite some time. Today, it was time for the hands to get dirty, their cerebrum had to be tasked and products had to be produced.

Having had two groups in the first week of the double bootcamp, other two groups of young, enthusiastic innovators joined the bootcamp in the second week, making the whole escapade involving but fun.

Guided by the various mentors and facilitators, the kids got a chance to learn the theoretical aspects of Design Thinking during the preceding days of the bootcamp. Besides this, the young innovators exhaustively learnt the Design Thinking process, in addition to visiting various sites in regards to the challenge they are solving –  Aquatic wastes.


Making Innovators kids working on paper mache products

Our future growth relies on competitiveness and innovation, skills and productivity… and these in turn rely on the education of our people, we can never put this better than how Julia Gillard inscribed it. The double bootcamp banked on the number of the kids and came up with different challenges that are innovative, artistic and original.

The first two groups focused on the water purification while the last two teams focused on recycling and reusing aquatic wastes. The latter focused on the solid wastes and were aimed at coming up with paper mache products, toys and clocks.


Various teams worked tirelessly to ensure their prototypes reflected the needs of the intended users as highlighted in the Empathy stage. Different designs were molded, prototypes were structured and restructured, some were completely overhauled and rebuilt, and others were deemed perfect just after building the first prototype.

The prototyping session will progress tomorrow before the kids finally get a chance to pitch their final products to their parents, in an event slated for Friday afternoon.

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    A wonderful writter.

  2. Tonny


    We’ll do as much as we can practically do to support the initiative for better-equipped children in the future

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