Startup Incubation

About Startup Incubation

Incubation is a process of supporting successful development of startup companies through provision of resources and services, which the startup companies do not have. At C4DLab we take startups which are multi-disciplinary but have a computing element. And with initiatives like the TUMI Startup Accelerator, startups are equipped and trained in the ways of taking their businesses to the next stage.

Selection Criteria

The following aspects shall be part of the criteria for evaluating the startups to admit:

  • Viability (appropriateness, innovativeness, timeliness and market potential)
  • Multi-disciplinary characteristics
  • Relevance to computing
  • Proof of concept
  • Composition of team members
  • Level of commitment

Incubation Requirement

  • The idea must have an element of computing but can be multidisciplinary
  • Student, faculty and alumni of the University of Nairobi will be given priority
  • The idea must be innovative and technologically viable, solving a real life problem
  • The founders must consist of two or three individuals
  • The startups should commit to have at least two full time individuals who will be working on the product at the C4DLab
  • The startup will be required to pay Kshs.2000 as a sign of commitment
  • A startup will be admitted only if a preliminary business plan is developed and presented to the lab

Startup Incubation Phases

What We Provide

Mentorship & Training

Startups incubated at the University of Nairobi’s C4DLab benefit from some of the leading mentors who are entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, industry experts or academics. The mentors provide guidance and advice based on startup specific needs through calls, lectures, and informal meetings.
The lab provides high quality training ranging from how to run a business to how to build scalable software and roll it out to the market successfully.
By forming personal relationships with the best and the brightest entrepreneurial minds, you will noart your company off on the right track.

Office Space

It might not be the coolest of what the world has to offer, but we provide a way-above-average office space, that is just right for you to build the next big thing. The office space comes with the benefits of fast internet, printing services, office stationery, comfy chairs, meeting/brainstorming space, etc.
You may want to pay us a visit to see what is available.

Pool of Talent

One of the most unique part of this programme is the ease of tapping into very good talent within the university. Incubated startups are allowed to hire interns from the School of Computing and Informatics to help them with the technical bits of the startup.

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