November/December Design Thinking cohort, today interacted with a Physics Professor from the University of Nairobi’s Physics department, to help them understand the science behind Water Purification.

 The session dubbed “The Physics of Water Purification” and facilitated by Prof. Peter Oketch was aimed at equipping the kids with concrete and valuable information on water, water contamination and its purification.

Oketch highlighted ways through which water can be polluted, sources of water, educated the kids on the water cycle and discussed various ways by which water can be filtered and purified thereafter.

The varsity don was however put to task by the kids to explain alternative water treatment methods that can be adopted by those allergic to chlorine – Chlorine being one of the most sought for method when it comes to water treatment. This showed how attentive the kids were and led to them familiarizing with other simple, often overlooked water treatment methods like boiling and use of Ultraviolet light.

A bird of many colors!

A display of the birds painted by the kids.

Unlike in water treatment where the kids were learning how to kill microbes, of course and to ensure that the water they drink is not harmful to their bodies, the afternoon session was more of beautifying nature, from an artistic view.

Having been provided with a sculptured bird, the kids together with their mentors had a task of painting the bird to come up with a more impressive artwork. The only restriction was to paint the head yellowish.

Facilitated by artist Peter Mungai, the participants came up with different artwork, different perception, but what stood out was that the sculptured birds were transformed into birds of many colors and nature was preserved!

Prototyping explained

Mentor Rodgers Otom facilitating the Prototyping session.

The third edition of the Making Innovators escapade run by C4DLab, and just like the two preceding editions follow the Design Thinking process of which Prototyping, just like the other steps, is very essential in the journey to a successful Innovation challenge.

The kids were taken through the basics in the prototyping stage as they prepare to do the actual prototyping during the second phase of the bootcamp next week.

Facilitated by mentor Rodgers Otom, the kids learnt why prototyping is very essential in an innovation challenge. Otom conversely stated that the prototype can be revamped as many times as the empathetic innovator desires to meet the needs of the target user.

At the same time, Otom stated that the prototyping stage can be repeated if the prototype fails during the testing stage.

Ideating in groups

Kids ideating in groups

To bring the activities of the day to an end, the kids, having been grouped during the first day of the Nov/Dec challenge resumed their groups to ideate together.

The session which was facilitated by the various mentors helped the kids come up with different ideas that can lead them to solving the water purification menace.

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