Two kids currently participating in the Nov/Dec Making Innovators Kids Edition declined to accompany their fellows on a trip to Nairobi River, citing fear and scary stories about the river.

The two are part of a team of innovative kids working round the clock to come up with an innovative way of purifying water.

Drama began after the kids watched a documentary aired by Kenya’s media station, NTV about the state of Nairobi River.

The documentary dubbed Toxic Flow highlighted the source of the toxic river, investigated the root cause of the marine debris and why efforts to restore the river to its original, clean state have been futile.

“I don’t want to go to the river, I’m scared,” one of the kids said as she sobbed uncontrollably. This however portrayed how far the kids could empathize with their target user since they understood the fact that despite how scary the stories about the river seem, they never scared their reliable users.

The documentary session was followed by a learning session on the effects of toxic water in our body system. The session facilitated by Doctor Lydia Omwansa stated the importance of drinking between six and eight glasses of clean water a day and the different types of water borne diseases.

We went, we saw, we beheld

An innovator pointing at the debris along the Nairobi River

Despite the withdrawal by some of our kids, the teams had to visit the Nairobi affluent known for its toxic state. The kids visited the river along Chiromo lane and were tongue-tied by the remarkable amount of marine waste that was along the river banks and in the river as well.

Days recap

Students and their mentors doing a recap of the days activities

From the fieldwork, the kids and their mentors had to do a recap of the lessons learnt since the first day of the Third edition, Making Innovators challenge.

Facilitated by the M.I project supervisor Enock Omwamba, the kids did a Q and A session culminating with a mini indoor golfing session at the C4DLab.

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