Have you ever wondered where you would be or how far you would go if you had a chance of learning Design Thinking as early as age six? Am certainly asking you this question on the final day of the Design Thinking challenge to help you reminiscent on the previous four days and draw the analogy between Design Thinking, creativity and Innovation.

World’s leading economies are driven by the technical innovations in various sectors from Agriculture, Business to Technology. With iphone launching its mouthwatering iphone 11pro, that is just an indication that innovation is definitely not ending any sooner.

Back to day five, after successful prototyping and testing of the solar ovens in day four, the kids were gearing up to present impressive ovens to their parents during this last day. You could see the anxiety in their faces, some very confident while others were nervous about the pitching event.  

Parents finally began to stream into the hub; some were glad that their children had finally concluded the week-long Design Thinking escapade while others wanted to see the outcome and evaluate whether they got value for the facilitation fee paid.  


Parents take videos and pictures of their children pitching

The highly awaited event was finally here, from one stand to another; the parents were taken through the Design Thinking process by their kids. The kids also displayed their final products, solar ovens. Due to the fact that the kids worked in groups, there were four solar ovens as each group came up with a different product.

The pitching session comprised of both oral and the actual testing to demonstrate to the parents that the product actually functioned. The kids did not disappoint as all the solar ovens functioned well.


A group of kids pose for a picture with their parents during the August 2019 Design Thinking edition

The August 2019 edition added with a certification session to boost the kids portfolio and recognize that they had exemplarily performed in the Design Thinking challenge.

Parents were all smiles as they witnessed this great ceremony that concurrently marked the end of the innovation challenge. See you in the November edition.

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