When they began the second edition of the Design Thinking boot camp, the kids’ dreams of designing and making a solar oven remained just that, a dream. Until the third day, the kids had been going through series of class work and brainstorming on ideas that could lead them to the best design of the solar ovens they intended to pitch to their parents during a graduation session which was staring at them the final day – Friday.

As the fourth day kicked off, the kids had to pickup from where they left the previous day. The small, not very appealing samples had to be modified into slightly large, presentable prototypes. The dreams had to be turned into realities.

To realize their dream of coming up with a solar oven, hands had to get dirty, the kids who had been working hard had to work harder, the team leaders had to be more creative and the person charged with the responsibility of leading the icebreakers and energizers had to be even more creative.

This was the last day, the last attempt to conquer the August challenge or to surrender. But of course surrendering was not in the minds of the kids, not even as the last resort.

Prototyping continued

Having come up with the models of the expected prototypes on the third day, the kids were working against the clock to not only beat the deadline but also to produce impressive results.

The prototype revamping continued, the gist by which the kids cooperated was mesmerizing and even though the clock was ticking, the progress was remarkable.


In the fourth day, the kids had to undergo the final stage of Design Thinking and that was testing. This determined whether the kids got their choices right or they just learnt about other ways that won’t lead to making a solar oven.

Having highlighted the principles of the solar oven in day two, the kids had to test, using a thermometer whether their solar ovens functioned around the principles of; sunlight concentration, conversion of light to heat as well as trapping of heat. The outcome of this signified the success of the whole bootcamp.


Kids paying attention to the taekwondo instructor

In the wake of defilement and violence against minors, there is a consistent appeal for the protection of the kids and what is more important than self defense? Even as the kids’ celebrated the success stories of their solar ovens, they got a chance to be introduced to basic taekwondo lessons on different self defense techniques.

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