The 21st day of August, 2019 marked the third day of the second edition, Design Thinking for kids challenge held at the University of Nairobi based Innovation hub, C4DLab.

With the Empathy, Definition and Ideation stages of Design Thinking having been covered by the kids in the first and second days of the boot camp, it was an opportunity to progress to the more advanced stage – Prototyping stage.  

Led by the various mentors and team leaders, the different groups of kids ventured into the more technical bit of the challenge which was to come up with a prototype of the solar oven model they intended to pitch to their parents on the final day of the challenge.

Each group was supplied with the materials they required as outlined during their Ideation stage of the challenge.

Array of prototypes

Design thinking, and innovation by extension exploits empathy to make modifications in a prototype in order to achieve a final product satisfactory to the needs of the users. To achieve this, a prototype may undergo continual overhaul until an intended outcome is achieved.

Owing to this fact, the kids came up with an array of prototypes, from small, not very appealing models to slightly larger samples.


The kids during an icebreaker session at PhD Lab, University of Nairobi

Given the exhaustive nature of the prototyping stage, the kids had to be taken through sessions of energizers and icebreakers to boost their concentration levels.

The energizers constituted both physical and mental games that to a greater deal impacted on the kids’ attentiveness. These also helped them get a deeper connection with their mentors and themselves as well. And who can ever put it better than Irish novelist, Maria Edgeworth who in her novel Harry and Lucy stated that “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,
All play and no work makes Jack a mere toy.”

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