Dr. Tonny Omwansa the director of C4DLab has today officially launched the ‘Making Innovators’ programme at  C4DLab. The ‘April Design Thinking’ kids edition seminar which will run from 17th to 19th April 2019 is set to be the 1st of its kind.

The 3 day design thinking seminar, is part of the Making Innovators programme which is aimed at creating the next generation of innovators. The second edition will be in August 2019 during the schools holiday break. The programme targets children of age 6 to 12 years.

The young innovators are set to solve real life challenges experienced by their peers and fellow children who are disadvantaged because of poor backgrounds. The innovators will be working in the context of the April 2019 Design Thinking Challenge of  “building a toy car that moves as far as possible without batteries or being pushed”

The children will undergo a 3 day seminar that will involve learning how to be empathetic with the user, defining a problem, ideating, prototyping and testing. As part of the learning process, the children will be guided by mentors throughout their 3 days experience. They will also have fun sessions and energizers in between to help them recollect and brainstorm.


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