Nothing Normal Ever Changed a Damn Thing

The NIW narrative has always been about innovation, innovation, and innovation. We can define innovation as a new process or idea that yields the desired result. Most innovations yield this result that may appear normal in delivery but in essence, they are not normal.

One of the slogans any person running for office world over is ‘CHANGE’. Change is hard at first, messy in the middle but gorgeous at the end. Change requires you to grow out of your comfort zone into uncharted waters bearing your goal in mind. Normal by all means work within its parameters, thence change requires an eagle eye. One of the best-known examples is the digital camera. Slightly over a decade ago, photographic films were the technology of the day for production of still images. The change brought about the digital camera but still achieved the same result; still images. A process deemed better was invented and accepted.

“Be different,” said the late Steve Jobs. Jobs is well known as the founder of the largest company to date. He built his technology company on from scratch constantly improving, constantly changing to newer ways of delivery.

One of the pillars of the Nairobi Innovation Week is achieving impacting the society through sustainable innovation. Innovations that change the world start as simple ideas to achieve normal results. We encourage you to think different, be different but set realistic and measurable goals.

In business, different ways that yield normal results cause a disruption in their niche of operation. Their mode of operation is different, their way of conducting business is convenient to their clients and their way customer service can be defined as “intimate”. After all, nothing normal ever changed a damn thing but remember there is nothing new under the sun, find that balance.

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