It’s been a nice journey making the next generation of innovators and we are all excited about the progress made so far. The young innovators are loving their stay at C4DLab and how they are mixing fun and learning in one space. Well let’s look at the various activities the kids went through today.

Activity 1 : Working in groups to prototype.

Team ‘Juventus’ working on their prototype toy car.

Based on their ideas formulated in the previous day, the kids went into ‘getting their hands dirty’ to prototype a moving toy car that doesn’t use electricity or batteries and doesn’t need to be pushed to move. Different groups came up with different models of toy cars with a vision of creating the lightest toy car possible that can move the furthest.

Activity 2: Testing Prototypes.

Team ‘Daring designers’ testing their toy car prototype.

After building on their prototypes, it was now time to test their prototypes, a time to put a 3 days hustle into test. One lesson everyone at C4DLab carried home was the desire from the young innovators to improve on their prototype. All the 3 groups created different models of toy cars basically using the principle of converting Potential energy into Kinetic energy by using air pressure. How they did this? Using balloons! Yes just balloons and the cars would move. The top speed car went all the way to 4 meters away!

Activity 3: Pitching

Team ‘Daring Designers’ staging their pitch.

One of the skills the young innovators learned during the 3 day seminar was the basics of presentation. These skills were to help them in staging their pitches to an audience of parents, mentors and Young Scientists Kenya (YSK) officials.

The 3 groups took up the stage and made their pitches. You are probably reading this wondering whether the kids actually hacked this. Yes they did! Credits to their mentors. Everyone in the room went silent to listen to under 10 year olds tell their stories of how they used the design thinking approach and applying Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) to solve the ‘April 2019 Design Thinking Challenge’ which they actually did!

Parents were overwhelmed by the way the seminar had transformed their children so fast that they could think of problems affecting the society today and even ideate towards solving them. What do we say? Probably ‘in design thinking everything works’

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