It starts slow like a forbidden habit you never know you have grown into and before you know it the voice inside you becomes real. At first, you feel it deep in your bones that you are meant to fully commit yourself. Your hobby becomes your passion which in turn (for some yet to be understood reason) transforms into a way of generating income. The plan is all laid up, not only will you excel, but also be the best period!!!

As times goes by, the stop signs are more apparent and one day you realize that lemons were meant to be bitter, not sweet.  By this time your pockets have run dry, your mouth tasteless from all the repetitive marketing and your dreams, well they stagnated almost just around the time you started. 

Entrepreneurship is hard!

Generally, nothing comes easy, more so in starting something new. Luckily, nature revolves around balance and most things do have solutions. Within the madness, there are pillars to hold you strong. The various start up incubators and accelerators, especially around the tech industry, serve this purpose to a tee. Mentorship, networking, both financial and emotional support are cultivated in such spaces. You get a sense of belonging. Understanding. The journey becomes shared albeit to different destinations. Within a certain period, you pat yourself on the back due to the growth you have had but the smile never really tells the truth. Until one goes through the same, will they understand the face behind the mask.

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