Becoming a successful entrepreneur in Kenya requires one to have a certain vibe that flows from them. Here are some of the traits I believe are essential when it comes to entrepreneurship:

    1. Patience – According to Google, patience is having the capacity to tolerate delay, trouble or suffering without getting angry or upset. Being an entrepreneur, the last bit of the statement above might be relative depending on your temperament. Most times, being humans, we tend to get upset by many things especially the ones we have no control over. In Kenya, more often than not, getting wound up is rather common. This comes from factors like slow processes within public institutions, people trying to benefit themselves or the old common traffic that engulfs the city center every day. Then there are the opportunists that graciously wait for you to prove the concept of your business idea to shamelessly copy it. It’s a tough eco-system.  One needs heaps of patience to run their business in Kenya.
    2. Tenacious – If you love watching animal channels, it’s highly likely you have come across a pack of lions hunting for prey. This kind of determination is essential in running a business not only here at home but across borders. Entrepreneurs tend to get out of their comfort zones, breaking their channels and knowing no borders. Giving up is never an option, especially since too many eyes look up to see whether you are capable or not. Moreover, the society, in my opinion, tends not to support local businesses especially when you’re young. Excelling comes with sacrifices, hence being tenacious is a key ingredient in achieving your goals.
    3. Tolerance – Running any type of business requires a team around it. There have been very few cases of successful business people who did it all alone. We live off mentorship, guidance, and opinions generated by other people. This requires tolerance to be able to accept criticism. There’s this syndrome of young entrepreneurs thinking the way they perceive their idea is the best yet on taking it to market actual users say otherwise. One needs this trait to better their business processes.

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