What mattered most? Catherine Waigwe’s candor opine

What attracted me most to this program was the unique approach in solving real world problems by applying both user centered design approaches and human centered design thinking methodologies.

Being a student, I was a bit skeptical at first, as most of the other PBL innovation fellows are working class citizens in different respectable fields. However, with time I have come to realize that this is more of an advantage to me.

Catherine Waigwe during one of the fellowship session at C4DLab.

The multidisciplinary and multiethnic nature of the program has enabled me expand my wealth of knowledge and nurture skills in teamwork and team dynamics. The practical nature of this fellowship has also enabled me retain information better through application of principles I have only been taught in theory. This has given me an edge over the other students as I am better prepared for the real world and solving real world problems that are affecting the community.

Overall, the experience has been exciting and has enabled me tap into skills that have otherwise been dormant. I have been encouraged to stretch beyond my current capacity and I have gained more understanding of the different world views.

(Catherine Waigwe is currently a fellow in the University of Nairobi Innovation Fellowship, 2019/2020 cohort.)

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